Government Pushes ‘Barry’s Or Lyons?’ Referendum To 2021


FEARING a fractious and sour debate that would tear family and friends apart, the government has yet again kicked the can down the road on a ‘Barry’s or Lyons tea?’ referendum, pushing it to 2021.

“They say 2021, but in reality this government just can’t face up to the tough challenges. They think the public will have forgotten about this, but that won’t be the case,” confirmed one tea referendum campaigner shared with WWN.

“Incidentally, it’s Barry’s, no contest,” added the campaigner before being shouted down by Lyons devotees. There had been calls for calm in recent weeks as A&E departments struggle to deal with the violence surrounding some clashes.

Disputes such as the one witnessed by WWN are why so many people wish to put the matter to a referendum, with a definitive answer on the controversial question bringing an end to arguments and circular debates that have no clear winner.

“No one wants the citizens of this country to have a vote on the matter more than me, but we must first outline the question posed to the public and this will take time,” confirmed Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in the Dáil this week, but stopped short of stating how he would vote.

A small gathering of protesters took to the gates outside Leinster House to demonstrate their anger at the delay.

The warring tea producers have been heavily lobbying politicians to bring forward the date of the referendum, with both Barry’s and Lyons keen to win the support of the electorate and become enshrined in the constitution as the best tea in Ireland. However, some have accused politicians of being in the pockets of ‘big tea’.