Next Living With Lucy Guest Revealed


TELEVISION presenter Lucy Kennedy took to social media today to share the identity of her next guest on the hugely popular reality show, Living with Lucy.

In the third instalment of a brand new six-part series where the TV3 star lives with a host of well-known celebrities in their own homes, she visits leader of guerrilla group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Joseph R. Kony, in a secret location in the Congo.

“I better leave my LGBT T-shirt at home lolz,” she tweeted, before heading to Dublin airport ahead of her 3 day stay with the rebel leader who faded into the media background following an extensive campaign by a bunch of celebrities sitting in their mansions to capture him in 2012.

Speaking to WWNGlitz, Lucy said she is very excited about her next episode and hopes to learn a lot from her latest host, following on from her stay with Michael Healy-Rae and Katie Hopkins.

“Kony was the obvious choice,” she explained, “we needed to tone it down and bring it back a bit after our first two episodes with Katie and Michael. I’m looking forward to the bit of sun now – the Congo is meant to be absolutely gorgeous at this time of year and Joey has promised to take me to all the best jungle camps”.

We here at WWNGlitz can’t wait to see what antics these two get up to in the newest episode: does Joe really abduct children and train them as soldiers?

All will be revealed in Lucy’s next episode.