Local Girl Was Just About To Tag You In This


WATERFORD girl Jane Keenan was this morning narrowly pipped to the post by her friend who managed to tag her in an online post before she had the chance to tag them.

Keenan is renowned for her ability to tag dozens of people in the comments section underneath a range of articles, photos, GIFs and videos, filling their notifications with nothing but ‘Jane Keenan tagged you in a comment’ all day.

However, 22-year-old Keenan was beaten to the punch this morning when her friend Ciara Ryan tagged her in a video titled ‘Tag a friend who loves tagging friends’, leading to Keenan firing back with tagging Ciara in a comment about how she had just been about to tag Ciara in a comment before Ciara tagged her in a comment.

“It was like watching Inception,” said a passing online spectator, who witnessed the to-and-fro between the two girls as they tagged each other back and forth.

“Who tagged who first? Who ‘won’ the bout of tagging? What is the point of any of all this? You just know that the two girls are sitting opposite each other on the bus, not talking, just staring at their phones and tagging back and forth. Hang on while I step in and complain about their constant tagging, even though I’m a total stranger and none of this is any of my business at all”.

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