Lad Back From Holidays Would Want To Shut Up About It


A LOCAL Waterford man back from an extended trip abroad, which took in a variety of countries has been urged to ‘shut up about it’, WWN understands.

Cormac Brennan, with an address in his parent’s spare room in Dunmore East, has been at pains to explain to everyone he meets that he’s only just back from Morocco and a number of other countries people can’t recall due to the fact Brennan ‘really does rabbit on and on’.

“Trip. Of. A. Lifetime” Brennan has been overheard uttering to unsuspecting and innocent locals who know well enough to avoid him at all costs.

“Ah for fuck sake, he keeps pronouncing the place names with a heavily accented voice, like he’s one of the fucking locals or something,” explained Brennan’s neighbour, who has taken to timing her exits and entries to her home for when she’s certain the insufferable ‘ethical tourist’ isn’t around.

“Tangiers? Oh, Tangiers! The food! The people! Marrakesh? The people! The food!” Brennan shared with someone who didn’t ask about his holiday, regurgitating the guts of the same speech he has made to over 79 people since arriving home several days ago.

Brennan has shown no signs that he is ready to stop working the fact he was in Algeria into conversations no matter how little they relate to the small talk he engages in.

“Post men, not sure what the deal is in Algeria now with the postal service, but having just been there myself I’d imagined they have one alright. Sending letters, that’s part of their unique and eye-opening culture I’m sure of it,” Brennan shared with his local post man who just wanted to hand over some bills and get on with his day.