Coworker Talking About Diana Like She Was Her Best Friend


“Aw, Diana! Stop! You’ll have me reaching for the tissues again,” exclaimed accounts manager Carmel Hennessey, 53, in the direct aftermath of none of her coworkers mentioning the British royal, who passed away 20 years ago.

With her eyes now glazed over and seemingly transporting herself to another plane of existence, Ms Hennessey continued to speak lovingly of a woman she has never met and truth be told can’t begin to know in any way.

“She always had time for people, when she looked at you, God, you knew she saw you, you know?” Hennessey added now misty-eyed.

With fellow adults and coworkers inching their seats further away from Hennessey in small and barely noticeable moves, the account manager continued to talk with the sort of warmth and love which has been absent from any of her conversations about friends and family for much of the last 20 years.

“You know when I think back to those carefree days, there isn’t a time, place or memory that isn’t me and Diana, Diana and me, our lives dovetailed in the most beautiful way, two sides of the same coin,” added Hennessey, sparking concern amongst staff at Hanely Consultants that this is the same person in charge of three of the company’s largest accounts.

“Do I miss her? I’ve felt like half a person ever since she left me,” Hennessey said, answering a question no one asked.

Sources within Hanely Consultants confirm they expect Hennessey to get next to no work done today as she devotes the rest of her day to honouring the memory of her dear friend by reading 679 articles about her on the Daily Mail.

Such is the magnitude of loss still felt by people in Britain and around the world on the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, TV stations have agreed to show the same Diana documentary on repeat until 2027.