79% Of Office Workers Spend Morning Thinking About What To Get For Lunch


A NEW study has revealed that the majority of office workers get next to no work done in the early hours of the day as they’re much too busy thinking about what they’re going to get for lunch.

Monitoring the brain waves of thousands of workers, scientists at TCD were able to see first hand how much thought was devoted by people to carrying out their duties at their place of work.

“See this part of the brain is used for complex reasoning,” Dr. Noel Callon, pointing at a screen displaying a brain with little or no activity, “and now this is the part of the brain responsible for spending 4 hours agonising over whether to get a burrito at lunch time for the third day in a row,” added the TCD researcher, now pointing to a screen buzzing with activity.

It is believed over 20 hours each week are set aside by workers to devote time to running the culinary options over in their head again and again.

“We thought it would be lower than 79%, given that many people now bring in healthy packed lunches, but our research suggests that these people often get annoyed at themselves for bringing in boring food and opt instead to go out for lunch too, sparking hours of thinking intensely about what to get once lunch time hits,” confirmed Dr. Callon.

Carrying out its own research, WWN approached some office workers to discuss the study, but were shooed away as we were interrupting precious ‘thinking about what to get for lunch’ time.