Woman Shopping For Eyeliner In MAC Now €3,000 In Debt


AN innocent Waterford woman who simply wanted to replace her eyeliner has exited the MAC concession at BT2 in Dundrum with €3,000 worth of cosmetics, bought on her credit card in a haze.

Anna Bollen, who had walked into the retail unit to simply buy a new MAC liquid eyeliner, priced at €21, was confronted by 12 smiling members of staff who began complimenting her beauty while applying various product samples to her face.

“They just kept complimenting my face, and I started getting all red and embarrassed, but then one of the girls started recommending blusher even though I ‘obviously don’t need it because your face was carved by the Goddesses of sexy’,” explained Bollen, still recovering from what had transpired.

The well oiled unit of product recommenders at the concession stand dispatched an average of 14 glowing compliments a minute, releasing endorphins throughout Bollen’s body, making it harder for her to decipher between genuinely useful makeup tips and complete and utter bullshit said in an effort to get her to part with some cash.

“Ugh, I’m going to have to go out every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the rest of the year to justify all this makeup,” confirmed Bollen as she struggled to emerge from underneath a pile of 19 shopping bags.

However, despite being €3000 out of pocket, it’s not all bad news for Bollen as helpful staff also threw in 3 make up wipes for free.