Lad Working In Advertising Reckons He’s A Bit Of A Don Draper


A LOCAL Dublin man working in an advertising agency has led everyone in the office to believe he reckons he’s a bit of a ‘Don Draper type of character’.

Possessing all the positive, professional trademarks which so enamoured viewers to the flawed character played by Jon Hamm, Colin Henning has confirmed to coworkers that although he’s not one for boasting, he is of the opinion that he can make women melt while also delivering a moving pitch for a tire repair service company operating out of the Sandyford industrial estate.

“The suit doesn’t wear me, I wear the suit,” confirmed Henning, in the belief that the quip elevated him to the ranks of suave and fictional ad men of 1960s New York.

“I had a pint once before a meeting, I’m not saying I’m out of control, but my genius carries me through almost all situations,” added the big-headed fool.

Persisting with the belief that he is the sort man women want to be with and men want to be, Henning was happy to continue sounding like a complete eejit in full earshot of everyone in his office.

“Take the ad we did for that foot fungal cream, I stayed up til about 11.30pm the previous night, and yet I was still able to come in first in the morning and completely destroy that meeting,” Henning concluded.