Media Confirms For 4,567th Time This Is The Last Straw For Trump


MEDIA outlets in America and around the world have today trumpeted the final ‘final straw’ for divisive US President Donald Trump after his recent behaviour has cleared a path for his timely demise, WWN understands.

A neverending cascade of editorials and opinion pieces were hastily making their way online and into print after a comment, policy or action by President Trump seemingly brought about the 4,567th final straw of his presidency, marking what is presumed to be the end portion of the ‘beginning of the end’, which was announced shortly after his election victory in November 2016.

“I’m not aware of what publications are saying is the final straw, but it could be the Muslim ban, the sexist remarks, the facelift blood tweet, the appalling healthcare bill impasse, Russia or the fake Time magazine covers, but that’s if we’re only taking into account the last 24 hours,” media commentator Graham Hillard explained to WWN.

The shocking revelation that this is the end for a President who, so far has proceeded to do and say whatever he wants with absolutely no lasting consequence will come of great comfort to his opponents, and a large portion of the American people.

“So, this is really it?” queried one member of the American electorate breaking into a smile for the first time in months, “he’s finally done something so reprehensible, so heinous, that the Republicans can no longer ignore how damaging he is to the country?”

BREAKING: President Trump’s approval ratings have gone up by 19% after he confirmed he had no plans to talk directly to Vladimir Putin at next week’s G20 meeting about Russia’s attempted interference in the US elections. He also confirmed his administration’s plans to dress the Statue of Liberty in a revealing bikini and give her a machine gun, boosting his approval by a further 12%.