Adorable! This Horse Was Snapped Sulking At The Side Of The Road


HORSES have long been known to be temperamental and quite frisky creatures at times, but this absolute dote from county Kilkenny has had everyone in the office here saying ‘aww’ with its escapades, after it was snapped sulking on the side of the road.

Sent in by a reader who called the horse “sulky” (and we can certainly see why), the stubborn mule is snapped point-blank refusing to get up for its owner, probably after some kind of hilarious argument of some kind.

‘This sulky was too exhausted to get up after being run into the ground,’ the mailer wrote.

And what a big old sulky puss he is too! Apparently, the animal refused to get up and actually had to be removed by the local animal welfare department.

Now that’s a sulk and a half if ever we heard one! We can’t get enough of these images everyone keeps sending in every week. Who knew horses were sooOOOoo cheeky?

Adorable horses sulking are becoming such a craze that even TDs are raising the issue in the Dail! Gas times.

I think I can speak for every reader when I say “we all just love these adorable sulking horse pics”, right guys?

Keep them coming peeps and we will give out an amazing prize for the best sulky looking horse pic at the end of the week.

UPDATE: please don’t send in any more pictures as we’re already inundated with images. Winner will be announced HERE