Waterford Woman Confirms She Will Scream When She Hears That One Bon Iver Song She Knows


A LOCAL WATERFORD woman looking forward to the Bulmers Forbidden Fruit this weekend has confirmed she will ‘like, absolutely lose my mind’ for the entire duration of that one song she loves by indie behemoth Bon Iver.

“Oh my God, I love this song,” are the words most likely to be uttered by Waterford City resident Ciara Dunleahy shortly after administering an ear-shattering scream while in the crowd of the Kilmainham based festival.

Pressed by friends also attending the 3-day festival to name the song ‘that basically defines me’, the proclaimed ‘mega-mega massive Bon Iver fan’ Dunleahy was quick to name the tune from one the preeminent musical geniuses of his generation.

“Ah c’mon you know the one, I love, I love, love it. The one that goes all la-da-la-la-la-da-da,” Dunleahy proceeded to tell friends as she murdered what people suspect is the treasured classic Skinny Love but due to the 26-year-old’s unique cat-having-a-heart-attack style vocals, it could also be any number of songs from Bon Iver’s three albums.

Dunleahy could not rule the possibility that she will sing the wrong lyrics as loudly as humanly possible, ruining the experience and ear drums of those in the crowd once she hears the song’s opening chords all while trying to get to the front of the stage for multiple selfie opportunities.