“Stop Fighting” – Ingenious Trump Solves Israel Palestine Conflict


A VISIONARY TEMPLATE for peace in the Middle East was unveiled by US President Donald Trump moments after he arrived in Israel as part of his tour of the region, WWN can reveal.

Seeking a triumphant agreement where countless others had failed, Trump responded to questions from the media on just what it would take for Israeli and Palestinian leaders to achieve peace.

“Stop fighting,” Trump said, prompting pronounced gasps of awe from the assembled media. Audible cries of “holy fucking shit, he did it. He cracked the problem” could be heard from several Israeli journalists.

“Now, just now. It came into my head and then my mouth said it,” Trump added after being asked how long he had been sitting on the elusive solution to one of the great political conundrums of our times.

“You know, we never actually thought of that,” confirmed an astonished Benjamin Netanyahu, who was present to greet the US leader.

The ingenious observation by Trump further cements his reputation as a maverick and outsider whose thought processes operate on another level to that of his political peers.

Asked to expand further on his plan which has pushed Israel and Palestine towards a historic peace accord, long thought to be impossible, Trump did not skimp on the detail.

“I dunno, Jared is going to handle the rest,” Trump explained, pointing to his son-in-law who was enthusiastically drinking from a juice box while handing out his bank account details to various Israeli based multi-nationals in order to make it easy for anyone to transfer money to him, if they so desired.