How I Lost €19.99 In Just One Day After Buying This Ab-Roller


BEING a full-time mother of four I don’t get much time for myself, nevermind enough time to exercise, but when I bought this ab-roller from my local supermarket I was absolutely amazed at how quickly I lost a staggering twenty euros in just one day!

That’s right, in just 24 hours I transformed my wallet from €54.67 to €34.68 with little to no effort, and you can too with this handy ab-roller guide below.

First, enter your local supermarket, making sure to stretch those legs right into the small fitness section. Work those hips by squatting down to the ab-roller shelf, before grabbing the box and lifting with your knees. Careful not to bend that spine. Keep your back straight and then lift the ab-roller into your cart. That’s it. Nice

Upon arriving at the checkout, make sure to comment to the till operator about your intentions to use the roller, with something like “sure it’s worth a try”, while giving one of those knowing laughs. Once happy in the knowledge that at least one other human being on the planet now knows you’re going to try this thing, quickly hand over your cash, making sure not to take the receipt.

Making sure to let as many people know as possible that you’re going to be using the ab-roller, post a picture of the assembly instructions with parts to a social media channel of choice, detailing how complicated it is to assemble, but followed up shortly with a picture of the now assembled ab-roller. Wow! You’re nearly there!

Once assembled, insert the accompanying workout DVD. Allow three to four minutes before giving up in frustration. Find a nice empty press or garage to keep the ab-roller in (somewhere you will never ever see it again), and finally check your wallet.

Congratulations, you have lost €19.99! Well done.

NOTE: Repeat for even more losses.