5 Things Your Relationship May Have In Common With This Car Hurtling Off The Side Of A Cliff


THE title says ‘may have’, so while WWN VIRAL realises this image is perhaps not a suitable visual presentation for your relationship, those that are on course for a cataclysmic disaster which will certainly obliterate them into a thousand tiny pieces before spontaneously bursting into flames will find that it does the job.

1) You have no idea what you’re doing

We don’t want to pass judgement on the driver of this car and suggest they don’t know what they’re doing, but it would be remiss of us not to point out that once you’re travelling through the sky to your certain death, someone might call your suitability to driving into question. Likewise, are you so awful at relationships that it’s fair to say you don’t know what you’re doing? And at a stretch, you could be majorly fucking this up?

2) Likely impact

Similar to the horrendous impact which awaits this car hurtling off a cliff, it doesn’t look like you’re getting out of your car wreck of a relationship unscathed either.

3) Ignoring the rules?

Hey, we don’t even know you, but perhaps your relationship has fallen foul of a similarly lassez faire attitude to love as this driver obviously had when it came to the speed and direction in which he was travelling.

Boy, did he overshoot this one, and I’m sure someone, at some point, told them ‘watch those sharp turns, they don’t end well’. You know, the same way you ignored your friends advice about all the bad decisions you made which led to this relationship… It’s a rich visual metaphor for your relationship… c’mon, keep up.

4) You’ve shit your pants

Idle gossip and speculation is the refuge of empty headed dullards, however, if we were to speculate as to the driver/drivers of this particular vehicle, we’d suggest that they know this isn’t going to end well and may be soiling themselves at the thought of the consequences of driving off a cliff. Likewise… you get it by now, right? You’re shitting your pants because it’s not going to end well for you at all. And you’re absolutely shitting yourself at the thought.

5) Fuck it

This car is crashing and all that’s left for the driver to do is say fuck it and embracing the fireball of an impact which will hit any second now…

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