Local Woman Decides To Stare At Phone Call From Mother Until It Goes Away


A LOCAL Waterford woman is said to be caught in the grips of a mild anxiety episode thanks to receiving a phone call from her mother, WWN understands.

Previously sitting happily at home in her apartment, 28-year-old Ailbhe Sheppard’s normal day was thrown into chaos as her phone began relentlessly buzzing, leaving the accountant with no choice but to stare blankly at the phone, waiting for it to stop ringing.

“Ah shit, shit, shit how does she know I’ve taken the day off. Can she sense these things? Bollocks, shit, shit, fuck,” Sheppard thought to herself as the word ‘Mam’ flashed on her phone’s screen to the soundtrack of a default ringtone.

Frustrated by her own reluctance to simply answer phone calls, Sheppard concluded it had nothing to do with the fact she may just be monumentally awkward when it comes to basic social interaction

“Eh, who rings people at this time,” Sheppard confirmed to herself, of the phone call her mother placed at 1.55pm on a Thursday afternoon.

Shepherd gave consideration to pressing the button on the side on her phone which silences the call, but began questioning if that was the button’s true function, further increasing her panic.

“How is she still ringing me? Wait, what if it doesn’t silence the call, what if it cuts it off and makes it goes straight to voicemail. Christ, then I’ll have to explain to her why I did that. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Shepherd shared with herself as she watched Countdown while spread-eagled on the couch.