Good Weather To Abandon Nation Just Like Dad Did


THERE will be some disappointed faces tomorrow as Ireland’s sunny streak is set to end with the ushering in of rain tomorrow and Christ does it remind me of the time my dad walked out on me, WWN’s resident weather expert Peter Cally can confirm.

Hotter than the Mediterranean at times, but Ireland will have to say goodbye to the sunshine just like I had to say goodbye to dad. Only, in this case, meteorologists have given us a better warning about the sun abandoning us than my dad ever gave me when he made a break for it. Fucking 12 dad, I was fucking 12!

Bright, blue skies are sure to give way to dark clouds bursting with rain, which just about sums up my childhood after you left, isn’t that right dad? Only you wouldn’t know.

We had a good run, with the weather that is, with nearly 10 days or so of consistent, stable and reliable weather. Sorry, Peter Cally Snr, if you’re reading this, consistent, stable and reliable essentially mean ‘could always be counted upon’, I know these are words you’ve rarely heard, right?

Temperatures have exceeded 18 degrees throughout the course of this sunny spell and the public would have been hoping for a bit more time to top up their tans. Just like I wanted more fucking time with you dad, you selfish prick. Do I look like I need you now, though? Fuck no, I’m a weather reporter!

Unfortunately, Ireland will be hit by some biting winds alongside the dark clouds, which actually reminds me of that time you left the front door open after you pulled a legger on me and mam – the house was freezing when I woke up.

In conclusion, the good weather is over, clouds and rain looking to make a return and if I ever see you again dad, I’ll knock you the fuck out. Although sightings of Peter Cally Snr are about as common round these parts as the sun, so who knows when either will make a return.