New Feature That Identifies Fake UK Election News Suspends The Conservatives Facebook Page


FACEBOOK has unveiled a new feature which aims to reduce and eradicate user accounts which are guilty of spreading fake news relating to the upcoming UK election, with The Conservative Party’s official Facebook page immediately suspended.

Spreading false information about the need for a snap election, and barely believable posts about a ‘strong and stable leadership’ has seen the government party fall foul of new standards set by Facebook aimed at reducing the spread of spurious and sinister ‘fake news’ accounts.

“Nice try, but I’ll only believe that guff if it’s written on the side of a bus in great big letters,” British PM and Conservative leader Theresa May confirmed to the media when she was informed of the account’s suspension.

The PM has defended her party’s page and denied the label of fake news, despite confirming while initially campaigning against Brexit, then deciding it was a brilliant idea, and claiming there would be no snap election before declaring a snap election.

While the social networking site suspended close to 30,000 accounts in the lead up to the French election, it is thought that The Conservatives’ official Facebook page may be the only account in the UK to be banned under similar measures.

It is believed that Facebook users who followed the page will be forced to read other similarly unreliable accounts such as The Daily Mail’s official page.