Trump’s Health Care Bill Just ‘Kill The Poor’ Written In Blood


A BILL put forward by US President Donald Trump and senior Republicans, which could replace the Affordable Health Care Act has been revealed to be a ‘single’ page with ‘kill the poor’ written on it, WWN can confirm.

With many American citizens left infuriated by the bill and those Republican members of the House of Representatives who have voted through its first stage without a care for its implications on the most impoverished and vulnerable sections of American society.

“It was written in my blood, and it’s great blood. But you know, there’s a lot of Paul Ryan’s blood there too, just if you’re wondering who to blame when this thing starts really screwing over people,” a proud President Trump confirmed, already distancing himself from the bill and in a rare first not taking 100% of the credit for something.

The bill, which was rushed through and voted on before it could be independently costed and will result in the loss of health care for tens of millions of people, with insurance premiums going up and many people with pre-existing conditions, ranging from asthma to cancer, priced out of obtaining insurance.

In an attempt to persuade Trump and House Republicans that the bill will severely impact the lives of the poor, working class and middle class, people have been sharing stories of how the Affordable Health Care Act saved their lives.

“Yeah, that’s sort of the problem,” Trump explained, as he finished writing ‘kill the poor’ with blood from his index finger.

“The estimated $1 trillion cut to health care is badly needed, Obamacare was a mess, and now we’ve freed up money to fund my tax cuts for the rich,” added President Trump, who is hoping the many people who voted for him will now be adversely affected by the health care bill aren’t paying too close attention.