Local Man In College The Last 15 Years


A COUNTY Waterford man has admitted to spending the last 15 years in college in a bid to avoid working, in favour of receiving government grants and a back to education allowance which he has been milking since 2002.

James Murphy, 38, who has so far completed five college courses ranging from forestry to art history, said he doesn’t think he’ll be finished studying anytime soon, and looks forward to the day when he can retire and receive his old age pension.

“It’s better than being hassled by the dole crowd every two weeks to see if I’m looking for a job,” Murphy explained, pulling a packet of Amber Leaf tobacco from his rucksack, which he carries around on his back everywhere, even when he’s not in college, “I couldn’t imagine leaving college now – I’m institutionalised.

“Besides, I’m overqualified for most of the jobs on offer”.

Murphy insisted that education is key to living a fulfilled life, and advised anyone who is unsure of what career they want to do, to take up college “full time” instead and “reap the rewards”.

“I’d probably have ended up flipping burgers, or stocking shelves, if I didn’t start college,” the mature student added, before asking this reporter for a lift back into town as his lecture after lunch was not important, “There’s no way I’d work in any retail store, or fast food place, sure I’ve got four degrees under my belt,” concluding “Sure that would be going backwards instead of forwards”.