It’s Remarkably Easy To Become A Foster Parent In Ireland, Just Ask This Abusive Alcoholic


WEEKS AFTER the publication of the Grace Report highlighted multiple failures in duty of care to children in foster care homes, comes the uplifting news that close to 100 foster carers operating in the Dublin South Central area have not been vetted properly.

A HIQA report confirmed that repeated Garda vetting did not always take place in line with the national standards and policy observed and implemented by Tusla. This is just the 4,000th HIQA report this year, which has laid bare the utter disarray many vital health and care services in Ireland are in.

The HIQA report confirmed that the management of concerns relating to the vetting of foster carers in the related locations was inadequate and posed a significant risk to children.

In order to better understand how something like this could happen WWN spoke to an abusive alcoholic who has been entrusted with the care of one of 351 children in foster care in the Dublin South Central area.

“Think they’re supposed to do follow up vetting and that every 3 years, it’s the law or something like, but they don’t fucking do it, which is kinda mind boggling,” explained the foster carer who will likely form the centre of a story in national newspapers some years from now which will shock a public that shouldn’t really be shocked at this stage.

Asked by WWN why he thought he was allowed to fall through the cracks, the aggressive and unsuitable foster carer spoke candidly.

“The kids I smack around the place aren’t old enough to vote, plus, you lot only tend to care about them after the fact, ya know. You’ve been given plenty of warnings now, but some of these kids have been waiting 5 years for a proper decision on their case due to delays in the system. Ireland, huh, can’t beat it,” he explained in between swigs of a can.

“It’s the selfless, kind and passionate foster carers I feel sorry for to be honest,” mused the man who fears his next repeat vetting may never come, “they give so much to the care of young, vulnerable children and it’s pricks like me that are just allowed waltz through the cracks despite repeated warnings. Shut the fuck up or I’ll clatter ya, ye little bollocks,” concluded the man screaming in the direction of a child HIQA will likely have to publish a report on in years to come, to which the government of the day will respond ‘never again’, again.