4 Disguises To Illegally Claim Welfare With


AS POINTED out by Minister Against Social Protection Leo Varadkar yesterday it is now easier than ever to illegally claim welfare, and with 100% of people definitely doing it, it might be high time you gave this welfare fraud thing a crack.

WWN is on hand to provide you with the 5 best disguises to help you effortlessly bypass people’s eyes and common sense on your way to millionaire status:

Groucho Marx

Defrauding the State by claiming welfare you’re not entitled to doesn’t have to be a serious business. Why not inject some humour into the proceedings with the classic Groucho Marx mask. Even when people working in the dole office review the CCTV footage and realise they’ve been duped they’ll have a good laugh about it.

The Devil

Not only a strong visual representation of how welfare claimants are viewed by some people, we’d like to see the person who would tell Satan he ain’t getting that €40,000 weekly unemployment cheque.

Person in a suit on the way to job interview

Ha, nice try buddy, but we wouldn’t recommend this ill thought out ruse, the Minister Against Social Protection is a little bit sharper than that. Only use this disguise if you’re truly desperate.

Someone who is constantly demonised by successive governments with the help of the media

Possibly the most popular disguise worn by welfare cheats. Why not don the costume of someone who is ‘rightfully’ claiming benefits of any description but is made feel like the shit on someone’s shoe as they’re interrogated and treated with suspicion by a dole office employee who has been pressured by the Department of Social Protection to find any possible reason not to give someone the welfare they’re entitled to, all in the name of reducing the costly welfare bill which presumably stands at €990 billion a year as that’s the only explanation as to why yet another ‘stop welfare fraud’ campaign has been launched in favour of launching the country’s first ever ‘stop people hiding assets abroad. Stop multi-nationals taking the piss’ campaign.