Kim Jong-Un Asked To Describe Roughly How He Thinks This Whole Nuclear War Thing Will Go


SUPREME leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, has been sat down by a special envoy from the UN and asked to outline, roughly and in not great detail, how exactly he see’s this whole nuclear aggression working out for him and his people.

The 33-year-old leader for life was called to the meeting following yet another ballistic missile test which saw a rocket launched in the direction of Japan, and comes following increasing worldwide concern about the volatile leader’s statements about nuclear armament and “showing the world just what NK all ’bout”.

With the North Korean military pitifully undermanned, undernourished, but also under orders to fight to the death for their beloved leader, many world leaders have raised concerns about Jong-Un’s ongoing quest for nuclear firepower, and his continuing antagonising of the vastly superior military strength of literally every single one of his enemies.

As such, a special ambassador from the UN has travelled to Pyongyang to find out roughly where Kim thinks all this is leading, and inform him that it most certainly is not.

“Kim… yeah, we’re not sure he’s thought this through,” said the UN, getting off the plane at Pyongyang’s airport, which is manned by like three lads.

“His plan is… not very well thought out. As far as we can tell, it’s step 1, keep launching missiles at Japan and South Korea. Step 2, keep telling the world how he’s this close to developing a nuclear bomb, and then, well, that’s kinda as far as he’s gotten planning wise”.

Meanwhile, aides to Kim Jong-Un have stated that they’ve seen their leader’s ultimate plan and they wholeheartedly agree with it, it’s a great plan, he’s a great leader, everything is fine.