Local Mother Doesn’t Know What To Make For The Dinner


A COUNTY Waterford woman has made an urgent appeal to family and friends this evening following a mental blackout which left her confused and indecisive about what to make for tonight’s dinner.

Geraldine Kiely, who usually makes a variety of different dishes daily, somehow lost all sense of intuition upon reaching her local Tesco earlier this afternoon, and has been caught floating around the meats section, while periodically searching her phone for meal ideas.

“There’s chicken, pork, fish and beef here, but for some reason I can’t decide what to cook, at’all at’all,” she explained to husband Mark via text message, “I honestly don’t know what to make for the dinner, and it’s already 4 o’clock and the children will be home from school soon”.

In a desperate bid for inspiration, the 48-year-old left down her empty shopping basket back into the pile she took it from at the front door, and made her way 300 meters across the road to Lidl, in the hopes that something there might tickle her fancy.

However, some 34 minutes later, the mother of children admitted defeat, citing ‘cook’s block syndrome‘, a relatively unheard of mental block which renders potential cooks useless in their time of need.

“I tried, I really tried,” Kiely opened up to reporters outside the store, “but I can’t see anything there. I’ve failed my family,” adding hysterically, “I just can’t talk right now. I’m sorry”.

Cook’s block was first diagnosed in 1965, with scientists stating that 95% of people with the condition go undiagnosed for years, and that being hungry, tired and having too much choice in supermarkets are the root cause of the ailment.