“We Make Call Out Videos But Never Actually Fight Anyone” Admits Irish Traveller


A MEMBER of Ireland’s travelling community has today revealed that he spends most of his spare time making call out videos to other travellers, but has never actually fought a day in his life.

In an exclusive interview with WWN, the man, who wishes to remain anonymous for exposing the truth, confirmed that there is only a handful of arranged bareknuckle fist fights every year, and that the majority of young men making them “couldn’t beat their way out of a wet paper bag”, but many of his peers are really good at making call out videos.

“Shooting on your phone in portrait mode is key,” the grandson-of-four explains, demonstrating with an upright phone in one hand, “we love taunting each other and getting a rise out of whatever family we have beef with, but when it comes down to the crunch, 99% who star in the callout videos chicken out, but it’s great craic watching the replies; it passes the boring days when you’re unemployed and can’t find work because most settled people are racist and won’t hire us for work”.

Asked whether he thought travellers can sometimes be racist against settled people, he refused to reply and challenged this reporter to a fight, before then backing down and apologising.

“Sorry but, if you had to send me a video with that question in it, I would have called you out to a fight, and we would have had a whole week of back and forth shite talk until one of us backed out,” he said, “but that’s how we solve things and I’m not apologising for it. It’s better than going to court to settle things – like ye do – and wasting everyone’s time and tax money”.

On a separate note, the traveller said he would like to see a ‘fake fighting company’ like the WWE take over the organising and prize money and actually turn it into proper entertainment, where everybody shouts at each other and pretends to fight, with “Paddy Doherty or someone commentating”.

“If you settled cunts are allowed do it, then why aren’t we?” he concluded.