BREAKING: Some Arse On Yer One


THIS just in. There are reports of a young one walking down the street in Dublin city centre at the moment with what is being described as ‘some arse’ on her.

Aged between 15 and 20, the as-yet-unnamed young woman has attracted the attention of several much older men in the area, all of whom have passed comment on the size, shape, and texture of her backside, with many exclaiming loudly enough for everyone in the vicinity to hear.

“Jaysus, would you look at the arse on yer one?” exclaimed one eye-witness to his friends, as the young lady made her way through town while staring straight ahead pretending to not hear.

“I’ll tell ya what I’d do to that,” said another man, before rattling off a series of sexually aggressive suggestions that bore only a passing resemblance to anything that he would ever be actually capable of.

Although sightings of young ones with some arses on them are part and parcel of everyday life and therefore would seem to be quite unremarkable at this stage, there has yet to be one ‘young one with some arse on her’ that has gone a full day without having it commented on in public.

WWN will keep you informed with any developments as they happen, or until the young one snaps and tells her aggressors to ‘fuck off’, at which point it will become a story about how some stuck up bitches can’t take a compliment.