Local Coeliac Manages To Have Gluten Free Conversation


LOCAL coeliac James Harkin has tried everything at this stage; gluten free bread, gluten free beer, gluten free chocolate, gluten free jam. However, this past weekend he tried something that he hasn’t had since his diagnosis four years ago; a gluten free conversation.

Harkin, 38, managed to go out for a meal with his friends on Saturday without mentioning his special dietary requirements even once which was a first for the Waterford native.

The party of 6 went to one of the Déise’s premier restaurants and had a stunning meal consisting of starters, soup, main course and dessert, all without Harkin bringing up his gluten intolerances or noting that he’d “love to eat what you’re eating”, but it’d “make me puke for a week”.

“I feel very relaxed and refreshed after it,” said Harkin, taking a gluten-free piss in an alley later that evening, after one too many gluten-free beers.

“Normally I’ll bring up the fact that I’m a coeliac at least five times while browsing the menu, before sighing and saying that there’s not much for me to choose from”.

“Then I’ll spend the entire meal listing out all the things I can and can’t eat, even though these people have known me for years and heard it all before. But tonight, I just didn’t bring any of that up, and it was the best craic I’ve had in years”.

Harkin’s friends were in complete agreement.