Harrison Ford In Weekly Plane Crash


Locked into a contract with a number of movie studios, the terms of which dictate Ford maintains his ‘cool aging actor who is indestructible’ persona resulted in yet another near disaster as a plane he was piloting had a close call with a passenger plane.

“Harrison was not attempting to do just about anything to get out of filming another Indiana Jones movie. And no, he could not be heard screaming ‘you can’t make me do another one, I won’t do it’,” a spokesperson for Ford stated, dismissing the rumoured motivation for the near miss.

Ford’s spokesperson also denied the existence of the contract but failed to provide explanations for why Ford has in recent weeks been involved in similarly dangerous incidents.

“Throwing grenades into a network of underground tunnels maintained and policed by ISIS north of Mosul is just what Harrison does to relax, this has nothing to do with an onerous contract which regularly forces him into risking his life in exchange for truckloads of cash,” he spokesperson added.

A possible explanation for yet another blip on his flying record could stem from Ford’s continued PTSD flashbacks related to his successful completion of the Kessel Run in the Millennium Falcon in less than 12 parsecs.