Michael D. Higgins Takes To Twitter To Call Trump A ‘Little Bitch’


DRAWING praise from all quarters, Irish President Michael D. Higgins took to his Twitter account to directly call out US President Donald Trump.

Foregoing his usual style of composing a lengthy poem full of rich imagery and some random section about birds, President Higgins confined his subtle message to the most powerful man in the world to just two words.

“Little Bitch,” read the tweet, which political experts interpret potentially as a term meant to demean and insult the American president.

Asked about his most recent tweet while engaged in his current tour of Latin America, journalists asked President Higgins what the deeper meaning behind the tweet could be.

“I wanted to convey to Trump directly that he is a little bitch, so I wrote ‘little bitch’ to point out what a little bitch the little bitch was,” Higgins confirmed, clearing up any confusion surrounding the Twitter exchange.

Another question from journalist probed further, asking President Higgins if he feared a war of words with the so-called leader of the free world.

“If that little bitch wants, I can fuck him up. No hesitation,” responded the diminutive head of state.

President Higgins did not expand on the reason motivating him to tweet President Trump, but indicated it would be the first of many.

“I’m going to get Enda to invite him to Ireland just so I can fuck him up,” the typically articulate President Higgins concluded.