Fianna Fáil Dispose Of Stephen Donnelly’s Conscience In The Wicklow Mountains


SENIOR members of Fianna Fáil were stopped and questioned by gardaí in the Wicklow Mountains late last night after a hill walker allegedly saw them dispose of TD Stephen Donnelly’s conscience, WWN has learned.

Micheál Martin, Barry Cowen, Willie O’Dea and Dara Calleary were stopped by gardaí while travelling in a blacked out van which had shovels and other burying equipment present in its boot.

Despite the Wicklow mountains being a notorious hotspot for despicable groups intent on carrying out a variety of dodgy acts, gardaí let the men go.

The four Fianna Fáil TDs told gardaí that they were just ‘out for a drive’ and were not aware of any news regarding Stephen Donnelly’s missing conscience or indeed that he had one to begin with. These denials are disputed by an eye witness WWN spoke with.

“I was just out walking, clearing my head like and then I overhear these lads saying ‘bury it deep, we can’t leave any trace of it, we can’t have bankers and property developers ever knowing he had one of these’. It was very disturbing,” local hill walker Alan Duff explained to WWN.

Wicklow TD Donnelly’s switch to Fianna Fáil has proved controversial, with many people criticising the move.

“There’s enough illegal dumping in the locality without this shower disposing of consciences willy nilly,” one Wicklow local and former Donnelly voter shared with WWN.

“Do you have any idea the number of brown envelopes they chucked in fields up here after the arse fell out of Ireland in 2008, we’re still clearing up that mess by the truckload”.