Man Somehow Describing Himself As ‘Expert Creative Strategic Thinker’ On LinkedIn


GOING against all expert advice on how to construct your LinkedIn page, one Dublin ‘thought leader’ has used their profile summary to state the 18 different ways in which they are an ‘expert creative strategic thinker’ with the aid of an online thesaurus.

Gavin Hemmings is believed to belong to the small group of professionals who wrongly believe the use of empty buzzwords will enhance their chances of taking the next step up on the career ladder.

“For starters ‘expert creative strategic thinker’ makes as much sense as frying an ice cube,” shared recruitment expert Elena Martin, “he’ll stand a better chance with a more direct and clear approach that gets rid his profile of the ‘specialised entrepreneurial imaginator’ stuff. Imaginator isn’t even a word”.

Martin praised Hemming for not including a photoshopped picture of himself next to Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Elon Musk, but insisted a reduction in his use of buzzwords from over 1,000 down to zero would help the 28-year-old immensely.

Despite mentioning how he has ‘pivoted’ toward more ‘strategic work’ some 20 times in just three brief paragraphs, Hemmings thought it best to show no examples of relevant work which highlights his six impressive years in financial services.

Experts have suggested stating your achievements, and then backing them up with concrete examples relating to your career thus far is a more potent interview tool than repeating nonsensical phrases such as ‘envisionator’, ‘change enabler’ and ‘opportunity facilitator’.

If Hemmings fails to heed any of this simple advice, Martin confirmed his LinkedIn profile could have a career in showing people how not to set up a profile.

Elsewhere, there has been a nationwide appeal for the Nation’s workers to bring an end to the phrase ‘touch base with you’.

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