Trump’s Abortion Ruling May Make Whole World Feel Like Ireland


FEARS have been raised around the world that Donald Trump’s reinstatement of the ‘Global Gag’ ruling on countries who provide information on abortions may lead to several countries becoming unsafe for women, with many dreading that they will end up becoming just like Ireland.

Also known as the Mexico City Policy, the ruling curtails any country currently receiving US aid from having anything to do with abortion, which will see doctors in these countries now forbidden from even giving patients so much as a pamphlet on the subject, just like Ireland.

Women’s rights groups have hit back at the ruling, which they say will do nothing to stop women from getting abortions, but instead will just put them in a position where they cannot access safe abortions based on their own decisions, just like Ireland.

“Christ, we could be looking at a situation where dozens of third world countries end up just like Ireland,” said one worried rights campaigner.

“Scared young women looking for information, turned away by doctors… nobody to turn to to help them decide what their best option is… hospitals not being able to help women whose health is directly at risk due to the lack of abortion services… Trump may have just doomed the world to being just like Ireland”.