Calls To Fast Track Anti-U2 Laws As They Threaten More Concerts


THERE has been an overwhelming appeal by the Irish public to the government to fast track anti-U2 laws after the disturbing events surrounding the sales of tickets to the band’s sold out Croke Park show scheduled for later on in the year, WWN can reveal.

“Minutes after it was sold out, there were things flying up online about how there might be another concert. There’s even a petition in Cork for one down there, this has to stop,” explained concerned Irish resident Martin Cleary, “I can only interpret that as an explicit threat from U2 that they are prepared for more concerts”.

U2 will play a number of shows throughout the world celebrating the release of their iconic Joshua Tree album, but the government has been asked to legislate immediately to limit the possibility of more than one show.

“We’re calling on the government to put an end to this, with the right legislation in place the public won’t live in fear of the chance that once one concert is announced someone will take advantage and announce another one,” another concerned citizen Clara Andrews shared with WWN.

The public have also rubbished claims that a few U2 are harmless and ‘not a big deal’.

“You’ll be eating your words when they announce 20 gigs to celebrate Actung Baby in a few years, or 12 nights in Croke Park to honour the 10th anniversary of ‘Get On Your Boots’,” added Andrews.

If the government acquiesces to public pressure ‘U2 checkpoints’ will be installed outside stadiums and large venues in Ireland, prohibiting the band’s entry and a special fund will be created to help spread ‘Bono is a pox’ graffiti throughout the country.

The further proposed legislation includes the outlawing of lads standing outside concert venues shouting ‘spare tickets, any spare tickets’.