“Couple Of U2 Tickets There If Anyone’s Looking”


FORMER president of the Olympic Council of Ireland Pat Hickey has a couple of tickets for U2’s Joshua Tree anniversary tour in Dublin, if anyone’s looking.

Speaking from his home in Castleknock, Dublin, Mr. Hickey stated he has ‘a good few premiere tickets’ he is willing to ‘offload’, and that they will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

“Ya better get them fast as they’re selling like hotcakes,” the 71-year-old managed to squeeze out in between mobile phone calls, “there’s a lad in Carlow on the line here and he’s about to spin up to me for four. If I get another 200 for them, they’re your’s; I’ll tell him not to bother. Great tickets now, right up in the pit”.

No second gig is expected as standing tickets have reportedly gone on sale for more than €1,000 on a ticket reselling website after they were snapped up in just under six minutes this morning through Ticketmaster.

“I’ve a good few stand tickets there now, so I’ll be generous and lash them out at 800 a pop,” Hickey added, now wheeling a barrow full of cash into his home, “I’ve a bit of a bail bond to settle lads, so if ye can spread the word I’d be grateful, cheers”.

Meanwhile, Ticketmaster has come under fire for reselling the tickets on their subsidiary site, Seatwave, for an average price of €299.43, while also raising their booking charges, a move later welcomed by Mr. Hickey.

“Sure, ya can’t blame a fella for trying to make a few bob!” he concluded.