8 Highlights From Donald Trump’s Latest Press Conference


AN action packed press conference yesterday morning delivered by president-elect caused much conversation and debate in political circles, but just what were the highlights?

1) “You’re REAL NEWS. Shut up. REAL NEWS. Don’t be rude”

A shocking exchange at Trump’s first press conference since July saw the president-elect sensationally shout down and accuse Breitbart of being ‘real news’. The Breitbart correspondent was incensed by this statement and demanded Trump retract his inflammatory statement but was ignored by Trump.

2) “I am the God of hell fire and I bring you… fire”

A curious utterance, not dissimilar to Trump’s usual flights of deranged ramblings, but this moment of the press conference was all the more interesting given the ambiguity of his statement.

Adding: “Fire, I’ll take you to burn. Fire, I’ll take you to learn. I’ll see you burn! You fought hard and you saved and learned.” It is not clear if Trump felt in control of the situation or like the rest of the world, was resigned to him fucking everything up.

3) “Divesting? We’ve got just the best distractions, have a look over here, just the best”

Trump motioning to a clown making balloon animals when he was hit with a sustained barrage of questions about why he would relinquish control of the Trump organisation.

4) “President Trump demands you erase all the bad things he said from your minds”

Trump, referring to himself in the 3rd person, attempted to reenact a scene from popular film franchise Men In Black and tried to erase America’s mind by holding up a torch by the side of his face.

Confirmed that as president he will decide what the public will remember about rants, promises and jokes he has made in the past.

5) “What is this, Nazi Germany?”

Trump expressing genuine concern about his own presidency.

6) “I envisage I will get very well with President Putin and I’m happy with what he’s picked out”

Speaking of Putin’s recent purchase of a dog collar and gimp mask which the president-elect will wear at his inauguration.

7) “Just the worst, really, the worst”

A phrase often repeated during the press conference in reference to all feelings, activities, experiences and elements of the world that did not carry the Trump logo.

8) “I tell people all the time, they have cameras everywhere, in hotels, everywhere, which is why I don’t do anything. You could end up on Tv or whatever. Also, I’m big germaphobe.”

Trump confirming that he was not caught on tape having a prostitute urinate on him in a hotel room in Russia solely because he refrains from such actions when he thinks there are cameras around. Proclaiming he is a germaphobe, Trump also offered his explanation for why he refuses to shake the hands of Hispanics, Latinos and African Americans.