Michael D Higgins Xmas Message To Focus On ‘Good For Nothin’ Skank Ass Hoes’


IN HIS distinctive lyrical lilt the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins recorded his annual Christmas message to the Nation earlier this morning, and as always, its content will give many people cause to pause and reflect.

WWN can exclusively reveal that President Higgins, deviating significantly from previous Christmas messages chose to focus ‘trifling bitches who should know better than to get up my business’.

It is not known if the president is referring to a specific incident that may have occurred over the course of the last 12 months, however, it is clear that signalling out skank ass hoes in such a public setting means the president would like the Nation as a while to heed his advice and exert caution when “hoes be up in your grill, hoe’ing it up”.

Those analysing the annual festive message had mixed views on the speech.

“I’m not so much surprised because I know skank ass hoes are a problem, but no, I did think he’d lean heavily on chat about the homeless,” revealed political commentator Pat McGrout.

“While I don’t doubt the damage hoes can cause, I’d be sceptical about the decision by the president to talk about them for close to an hour,” shared political strategist Holly Mangan.

President Higgins, clearly in a reflective mood addressed the camera directly, in footage seen by WWN, and spoke at length about the need for so-called skanks to ‘check themselves before they wreck themselves’.