Brexit Could Take 10 Hilarious Years To Resolve


THE LATEST news emanating from the tentative negotiations between Britain and the EU has suggested Britain’s exit from the EU could take as many as 10 highly amusing years to complete.

“Well, when you factor in the suggestion that the EU will effectively force Britain to pay £50 billion to leave, these next 10 years are going to be balls to wall hilarious,” remarked one European political expert we spoke to earlier.

Leading figures in the field of hilarity and schadenfreude have informed neutral observers of Brexit that they can look forward to endless twists and turns in the march toward activating and seeing out Article 50, with each revelation and development bringing forth fresh giggles and ‘lols’.

“And what’s more hilarious is that the word that best describes the feeling everyone has watching this is ‘schadenfreude’, a German word that has no real equivalent in the English language,” a beaming Niall O’Connor, head of the Enjoying Britain’s Misery group, shared with WWN.

Even those most optimistic about an easy transition for Britain out of the EU have begun to concede that from the outside, the process is becoming increasingly complex, tense and remarkably laughable.

With the lonely figure of Theresa May being ignored by fellow leaders at the latest European summit rated by online meme experts at just a 6 on the scale of funny thing relating to Brexit, the potential for widespread enjoyment and laughter in the next 10 years is boundless.

“I feel for those who voted to remain, but my joy and amusement at seeing the resolve of those who thought they were returning to the glory days of the British Empire slowly ground down, well, you can’t beat that,” O’Connor added, willfully ignoring the myriad problems Ireland currently has with the EU.