Ireland’s Top Google Searches Of 2016


GOOGLE released their annual list of the most searched terms and topics in Ireland over the course of 2016, and there are plenty of surprises.

As always, Google’s annual list proves we’re an informed and knowledge thirsty people. Read below for the top 10 most searched things in Ireland this year:

10) “What Is 1916?” (related searches: “Micheal Collins big mickey rumour”, “why is 1916 better than 1915 and 1917?”, “was Gerry Adams in the GPO in 1916?”)

9) “How is Fine Gael in charge with only 25.5% of the vote?” (related searches: “what is democracy?”, “Irish political reform”, “what is ‘The Recovery’ and why do we have to keep it going?”)

7) “Padraig Pearse, James Connolly Porn”

6) “Can you get child baptised for school place even if you’re not religious?” (related searches: “why is there no Educate Together school in my area?”)

5) “Why Is Donald Trump?” (related: “seriously, why?”, “funny Donald Trump memes”, “Hillary Clinton against gay marriage”, “seriously though, why is America voting for Donald Trump?”

4) “Why will changes to abortion law kill me while I sleep and rob my HD TV?”

3) “No, seriously, why is Donald Trump still in the race?”

2) “Nuclear fallout shelters with modest budget”

1) “Names of the 1916 leaders?”

Notable entries include: 4,234) “Syria”, 123) “Sexy Daniel O’Donnell pics”, 156) “Does masturbating to Robbie Brady’s goal make me gay?”, 131) “Why does Kylie Jenner look like that?”, 130) “Can’t afford rent, nearby homeless shelter?”. Entries 11) – 122) all explicit requests for pornography, each one more depraved than the last.