“Her Password Was Just Zero-Zero-Zero-Zero”, Laughs Putin


“EVERYONE is saying Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails… guys, there was fuck all hacking needed,” giggled Russian president Vladimir Putin, in an exclusive interview with WWN.

Responding to allegations that hacks from within Russia were used to influence the recent American presidential elections, Putin stopped short of confirming that he ordered his staff to sway voters towards his ally Donald Trump, but admitted that staff in Moscow had ‘taken a peek’ into Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s private mails.

“Her username was HillaryClinton1947 and her password was just four zeroes,” chuckled Putin, beckoning us to his laptop to show off Clinton’s emails.

“And she still hasn’t reset it. This isn’t a screenshot of her mails; I just logged in there two minutes ago. There’s one she sent this morning about how she’s never going to listen to Kanye West ever again”.

Asked how Mrs. Clinton’s emails were so easy to gain access to, Putin offered a simple explanation.

“She’s tipping 70,” said Putin, forwarding all of Hillary’s mails to [email protected].

“My mother does the same, she hasn’t a clue about computers. When I give her a Skype call, she can’t hang up and I have to look at her make the dinner for an hour”.