How Bosco Saved This Man From Cutting Off His Own Fingers With A Scissors


FOR 37 years Dermot Welsh has lived a relatively accident free life, only spraining his ankle in 2007, and fracturing his little toe off the kitchen table in 2012, but things could have been a lot different if it wasn’t for one children’s television presenter.

I met Dermot at his home in Carlow. Now with four kids of his own, a wife, a dog and three terrapins; his life is good and his health couldn’t be better.

“I run 10k every morning. I don’t smoke or drink and I have all my fingers and toes,” he pointed out, now counting his fingers to make sure, “This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed at home, and this little piggy could have been amputated in a horrific arts and crafts accident if it wasn’t for Bosco”.

That’s right, Welsh claims his entire life could have been a whole lot different if it wasn’t for Bosco intervening one day.

“I remember it clearly. We had all the materials we needed: pipe cleaners, paper, glue, paper plates, coloured cardboard and of course the scissors,” the now emotional Mr. Welsh recalled, “We were going to make a clown mask for Halloween. Everything was ready to go, but of course mister impatient pants over here jumped Bosco’s starting gun and picked up the scissors while waiting for him to come back after the break”.

Dermot’s mother, Mary, backs up the story: “I remember him being very excited and the commercial came on. I went into the kitchen to put on the kettle and by the time I got back, Dermo was holding the scissors in his hand and looked like he was about to start cuttin”.

Fortunately for the son-of-two, Bosco returned from the break just in the nick of time.

“I was just about to cut into the coloured cardboard to make some silly teeth when the words I will never forget blasted from the TV’s dusty, grilled speakers,” said Dermot, now mimicking a squeaky voice, “‘Be careful with the scissors, kids!’ And just as he said it I looked down, and there was my finger in a direct line with the scissor blades. It was like God himself – divine intervention”.

With that, Dermot immediately dropped everything he was holding as his mother rushed over to pick up the physical and mental pieces.

“His life would have been totally different if he had to chop that finger off,” his mother concluded, “God knows how many children’s fingers have been saved by Bosco, but he, she, whatever it is, should be acknowledged for it”.