Trump Doing Pretty Good Job So Far, Says Trump


DONALD Trump’s approval rating has shot up in the weeks since his victory in the US presidential race, according to a survey of Donald Trump.

The Republican president-elect was deemed by the Republican president-elect to be doing ‘a damn fine job’ and was ‘on course to do everything right in the correct and goodest way’ over the course of the next four years.

Trump added that Trump had made ‘the best possible choices’ when filling out his cabinet, adding that these people were by no means the worst possible choices as other news outlets may have suggested.

All in all, Trump scored a ‘Perfect 10’ on a scale of one to ten, with one being ‘Donald Trump isn’t good’ and ten being ‘Donald Trump is very, very good’.

“I’m very happy with how Trump is doing,” said Trump, speaking to himself in the mirror in a bid to drive away the fear and panic over what will happen when his bullshit finally catches up with him.

“All Trump’s election promises will be fulfilled, or at least talked around. Trump is good. Trump is your pal. Trump is strongest one there is”.

The poll-of-one went on to add that Trump still ‘has it when it comes to the ladies, honey’.