Money Meters To Be Installed At Leinster House To Track Waste


BOWING to public pressure the government has agreed to install money meters at Leinster House after it was revealed the State has spent close to €2 billion on Irish Water, WWN can confirm.

Money meters will work in much the same fashion as water meters, in that they will be removed and tampered with, but in this case by politicians wary of a system which accurately tracks what they are wasting public funds on.

“It’s true that Ireland’s water system was and is woefully inadequate with 60% of the supply being lost through cracks in pipes at one point, but I mean…€2 billion, fucking hell,” confirmed expert on something Felim O’Connell.

With no real end in sight for the Irish Water debacle, many observers feel the sooner the money meters are put in place the better for the State’s finances.

As outlined in the Constitution the contract for the money meters must be handed to Denis O’Brien’s MoneyServ company in a lucrative contract.

Before the deal for the meters can be finalised however, the government has confirmed a feasibility study. The Public Accounts Committee will then investigate the feasibility study once it reaches over €10 million in cost and is delayed several times, which will lead to legal action taken by MoneyServ, triggering an inquiry which is definitely not an overblown tribunal by another name.