Klopp Feud With Nevilles To Receive More Coverage Than Football Abuse Scandal


IT’S official the biggest football story of the last few weeks, if not the last 25 years just got a whole lot bigger!

Unrelenting and dogged coverage on Sky Sports and across the sports media has been struggling to make sense of the appalling crimes visited upon soccer fans after they learned that there’s no sign of an end to the epic shade being thrown between Jurgen Klopp and Gary Neville.

“Not much fun in top 10 lists on historical sexual abuse in football is there?” confirmed journalist with The Banter Times Paul Talmud, “whereas I can already think of like 50 classic reaction gifs to chuck into a piece about how this feud is basically the Citizen Kane of football banter. Anyway, I didn’t decide to be a football writer to write about stuff that wasn’t shit haircuts and savage skills related”.

The coverage of the feud which is shaping up to be more entertaining than 90 percent of football games has dwarfed all coverage dedicated to the ever widening abuse scandal across top levels of English football.

Allegations of widespread abuse takes in over 80 clubs so far and has seen an overwhelming number of people come forward to confirm they had been sexually abused by coaches and scouts, while a number of clubs including Chelsea stand accused of attempting to cover up such abuses.

“Yeah, but did you see the banter off Klopp yesterday, and then Neville’s response on Twitter. Classic. It was classic,” confirmed viewer of online gifs of goals and soccer fan Curtis Bonham.

Despite the lack of interest in the sexual abuse scandal, football fans have been consistent in their attempts to dissect just how terrible Karius may or may not be.

Sky Sports Super Ultra HD’s 12-hour investigation into how the ‘Klopp/Nevilles/Carragher/Hamann/eventually Joey Barton too’ feud started airs tonight at 10pm.