Winter Vomiting Bug Wins Prize For “Most Accurately Named Disease”


A RECENT survey has awarded the Winter Vomiting Bug (WVB) the title of ‘most accurately named disease’ for the fifth year running, praising the illness for its no-nonsense approach to titling.

So named because it is a bug you get in winter-time that makes you vomit, the WVB can affect any age group or gender, rendering them unable to keep food in their stomach for a 48-hour period or so.

The pleasing simplicity of the diesease’s name made it a firm favourite among those polled, who all knew straight away what was being explained when they heard the name of the bug.

“You’ve got your Parkinsons and your Hepatitis Cs, which quite frankly could be anything really,” said Frank Coleman, who headed up the survey.

“If someone told you they had Crohn’s disease, you mightn’t have a clue what they’re talking about, But when someone says they have the Winter Vomiting Bug, you know straight away what’s up. It’s all right there in the title. They could have named it anything, like Hesseltine’s disease of the carbonara virus or whatever… but for once, they kept it simple”.

The Winter Vomiting Bug was also voted the best disease to ring in sick with during the festive season, with 9 out of 10 employers stating that any stricken employee was to ‘stay well away from the place’.