Top 5 Books To Read While On Ferry To England


MAKING the trip to England to undergo an abortion can be one of the most gruelling things an Irish woman ever has to go through. So if you find yourself on this difficult journey, why not use the travel time to catch up on some reading? There’s nothing like a good book to shorten a journey.

Here’s 5 works of fiction that will take your mind off why you’re going to a different country for a medical procedure that you’re being denied at home:

1) The Hunger Games


A young girl is forced into a difficult situation by a ruthless and uncaring government.

2) The Da Vinci Code


A sinister religious order attempts to repress femininity throughout history.

3) The Girl On The Train


A young woman becomes involved in a massively complicated nightmare while trying to go on a simple journey.

4) 50 Shades Of Grey


A woman gets told what to do with her body by a domineering man.

5) Twilight: Breaking Dawn


A young woman makes her own mind up about what to do after unexpectedly becoming pregnant.