Panic As Woman Accidentally Likes Nemesis’s Profile Pic While Stalking Account


A COUNTY Waterford woman had to temporarily delete her Facebook account this afternoon after accidentally hitting the like button under her arch rivals profile picture while stalking her account.

Janet Deegan, who claims to be usually quite good at this sort of thing, had no other option but to deactivate her profile in a bid to pretend she was hacked.

“That bitch Tracey Maher put up a another selfie today and I must have clicked like without thinking,” Ms. Deegan recalled, visibly panicked, “I unliked it again, but Facebook already notified her before it was too late, so I had no other option but to delete my account, and go on Twitter and Snapchat to tell everyone that my Facebook was probably hacked”.

The quick thinking mother-of-none made sure to tell as many of her friends that were also close to her nemesis as possible, making sure to let them know that it was ‘probably some perverted male hacker looking for an easy target’.

“Jesus, I hope they believe me, otherwise I’ll look a right tit,” Deegan added, desperately refreshing her browser for any updates, “Last thing I want is that tramp thinking I’m stalking her account, when in actual fact I was just looking to see how pathetic her stupid fat face is”.

Following several agonising hours without Facebook, Janet Clare Deegan caved in and reactivated her account with a brief status update, apologising to ‘anyone’ who may have been approached through her profile, concluding that the hacker seemed to be only interested in the Facebook accounts of ‘slutty looking women’.