Local Dad Always Crying Lately


A COUNTY Waterford family has made a renewed appeal today for father and husband Dermot Walsh, claiming the 46-year-old has spontaneously been leaking water from his eyes on numerous occasions over the past few months.

Daughter Theresa Walsh said the phenomenon began shortly after losing his job in May, when she found him hegging like a child in the family home.

“I’m not sure it’s connected, but daddy spends half the day in bed, just lying there, staring at the wall,” she recalls, “Sometimes he could be just watching television and streams of water would just flow down his face, like he was leaking something. God, I hope it’s nothing serious like a brain leak. We’re very worried about him, and the doctors don’t seem to be able to do much”.

Mr. Walsh was forced to visit his GP in September, but when he returned home, he insisted that the doctor said nothing was wrong with him, and to exercise more.

“It’s strange, because his condition hasn’t cleared up in the slightest. In fact, he has gotten even quieter since the long evenings kicked in,” wife Ann Walsh explains, “He’s after putting on weight too and doesn’t seem to have the energy he used to have. He doesn’t even go out to the shed or garden anymore to do whatever it is he used to love doing out there. Whatever this ailment is, it seems to be affecting his mood.

“I miss his beautiful smile”, she added, now also leaking tears, “Oh no, I think it’s contagious!”

Dermot was not available to speak fully on his situation as he was ‘very bus right now doing something’, and asked to be just left alone for the foreseeable future, and not to worry about him, as he’s ‘grand’.

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