“Do Not Fuck This Up” America Told


THE WORLD has convened together as the polls for US Presidential Election open, to offer a message of support and encouragement to all voters casting their ballot.

“Do not fuck this up,” implored the portion of the world that enjoys living on the planet in its non-nuclear apocalypse form, careful to deliver its message in a calm tone, completely disguising the sheer terror that now infiltrated every fibre of its being.

While not all too familiar with the make up of an American presidential ballot, the world was confident enough to venture a guess as to the action that would prevent a ‘fuck up of epic proportions’.

“We’re not telling you what to do, but…you know, we’re guessing you have to put an ‘x’ or a tick or maybe even a ‘yes’ beside Hillary Clinton’s name. You got this America, just don’t fuck it up,” the world shared, remaining deeply in touch with its kind and calm tone at all times.

The world has urged America not to ‘do a Britain’ and vote for the very thing that will cause it obvious hardship and economic turmoil, with many keen to really drive home the point for those voters unsure by the world’s possibly ambiguous message.

“Do not vote for the tiny handed orange bag of shit, honestly we could not be any clearer,” remarked the world.

Despite their pleas and latest polls, much of the world suspected America could still fuck it up.