Clonmel Youth Call For Apology After Cat Autopsy Reveals Hit And Run


TEENAGERS in the county Tipperary town of Clonmel have today called for a public apology from adults, politicians and gardaí after they were incorrectly blamed for murdering a local cat with a firework.

Reputable news publications originally reported the claim as fact, but have since taken down their misinformed story without a correction, which said the cat was ‘targeted by unknown individuals who strapped a firework to its mouth, killing it’. Pictures of the dead cat were then circulated online for maximum effect. However, a post-mortem this morning has revealed the cat was in fact killed in a hit and run incident – a conclusion backed up by Gardaí, who reviewed CCTV of the incident which revealed the cat was struck by a car.

“Too be honest, I do be too skagged out of me head to be chasin’ cats and wasting heroin money on fireworks,” Clonmel teen Martin Dunphy told WWN today, “T’was gas how quick all de straight heads pointed the finger at us, and then it turns out it was one of their own drivin’ a car. We demand an apology… or a few euro for the bus if ye have it?”

Clonmel gardaí have since closed the investigation, despite the driver of the vehicle being at large in the area, sparking conspiracy claims around the town.

“It’s one law for us, and another for them,” voiced another teenager, “If they can do this to an animal, the worry is what they’ll do to a person”.

Since the revelation, youth campaigners have set up a Facebook page, Cats Lives Matter, calling for justice for the animal, urging gardaí to relaunch a full investigation into the “hit and run”.