Intervention Urged As RTÉ Still Insisting Nathan Carter Is A Thing


CONCERN has been expressed for the well being of national broadcaster RTÉ as it continues to insist country singer Nathan Carter ‘is a thing’, WWN can reveal.

Carter, liked by some, but nowhere near enough people to warrant his 439 appearances across RTÉ platforms this week, has been an ever present on Irish screens recently.

“You want Nathan Carter. You need Nathan Carter,” RTÉ insisted with a crazed look in its eyes, as it was surrounded in a supportive and safe environment by those who care about it the most.

RTÉ confirmed plans to launch a third channel, RTÉ Nathan Carter, later this year in a misguided attempt to cater for the Carter mad public that only exists as a figment of the national broadcaster’s mind.

“I don’t know what you’ve been told, but we didn’t ask for this,” a confused and slightly irritated Nation explained to RTÉ as it tried to wriggle free from its restraints, unwilling to engage in the intervention.

“If we let you go, you have to promise not to commission a ten-part series called Nathan Carter’s Favourite Days of The Week or some shite like that,” the Nation added, still weary of the Carter obsessed broadcaster.

BREAKING: RTÉ have commissioned a four hour documentary called Nathan Carter’s Wagon Wheel, which will just involve the country singer singing Wagon Wheel for 240 minutes uninterrupted.