Relentless Intimidation Of Garda Whistleblowers ‘Just A Bit Of Craic’, Confirm Senior Gardaí


RUBBISHING claims that senior gardaí stop well short of supporting Garda whistleblowers who come forward to tell of wrongdoing within the force, WWN has heard from a source within the gardaí.

“To suggest there is some sort of an endemic problem amongst senior officers, who don’t want any consequences visited upon gardaí found not doing their job is ludicrous. Rat bastard whistleblowers who come forward have our full support,” WWN’s senior Garda source confirmed.

This news will come as a relief to two gardaí who made the news today after making ‘protected disclosures’, alleging senior gardaí attempted to destroy a whistleblower within the force by spreading false rumours and allegations about the whistleblower.

Any implication that intimidation meted out to whistleblowers was immediately refuted by our senior Garda source.

“Ah come on now, boys will be boys, if a whistleblower has had his daily life turned into a living hell, that’s just us having the craic, that’s something non-gardaí just won’t understand,” the source added.

The protected disclosures allege that senior gardaí orchestrated a campaign against the whistleblower, which saw hundreds of text messages spread among gardaí instructing them to attack the character of the whistleblower.

“Banter, banter and yet more banter. Honestly, this is a bit of a mountain out of a molehill situation. We have always been very vocal about our support for pricks who think it’s a good idea to grass on colleagues who are possibly engaged in illegal activity,” the supportive source concluded while nailing a dead rat to a nearby whistleblower’s desk.